Gifting and Requests

Gifting and Requesting are important aspects of Pot Farm. They are how you and your Neighbours connect and interact within the game. 

The gift menu is accessed on the right hand side of your farm, it will be the envelope at the top right. 

From here you can do the following actions:

Send Gifts

You can request and send gifts to Neighbours through the "Send Gifts" tab. If you want to help out a Neighbour, just send them one of the items on the page by clicking "Gift" and selecting their name. 


If you're looking for help and need a certain item to complete a quest or upgrade an item, click "Request" and you can either select your Neighbours, or send the invite out to up to 20 Random players. Keep in mind you can only request from random players once every 24 hours!

Receive Gifts



This is where you can accept all the lovely goodies your Neighbours or helpful randoms have send you! When you receive a gift, you also send that item back to the player! Just click "Accept and Send"


Quid, Pro, Quo for all! If you have a lot of gifts need accepting, you can click the "Accept All" at the top right and it will accept and send all the gifts awaiting your action. 

Fulfill Requests


Sometimes a Neighbour will need a hand doing some heavy lifting on their farm or getting something upgraded. This is where their requests for help will show up and you can help them out!

Accept Rally Invitations/Requests

When you get invited to join a Rally group, this is where you can accept the invitation! This is also where, if you are the leader of a Rally, you can approve requests to join a Rally if it is closed. 

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