Quest Packs: What are they and how do I get them?

Quest Packs are specially designed or themed quest chains that can be purchased for different types of currency. They are permanent and they contain lots of exclusive and hard to get rewards!


How To Purchase Quest Packs:


To purchase a quest pack just click on the "Quest Pack" tab in between "Quests" and "Awards" in your Quest menu. It will bring up the quest menu.

The screen will tell you what the end reward is at the bottom left. This is the reward you will get upon completing the entire quest chain. 

There are three different currencies that Quest Packs can be purchased for: Coins, Pot Bucks, and USD. Which currency all depends on which Quest Pack you are wanting to buy. 

Once you buy the Quest Pack, it will be listed in your Quest menu and you can start making progress on the quest!

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