Quests: What are they and what do they do?

Quests are an important part of the Pot Farm game and are super fun and exciting to complete!

You already know how to access the quest menu by reading our "How do I Play?" article, but here we will show you more about what our Quest Menu contains!

Quest Menu

Here you can see all the Quests available for you to make progress one! As you make progress on quest tasks the progress bar will advance! At the top of the menu there are a few tabs at the top to choose from:

  • "All" will display all of your available quests to make progress on!
  • "Progress" will display your quests in descending order of progress with your closest quest to completing at the top!
  • "Limited" will display Limited time quests. These might be Theme Quests or Special day quests. These will have a timer as you can see above showing how much time is remaining. 
  • "Questpack" will display purchased Quest Packs. Quest Packs can be purchased for Coins, Pot Bucks or USD. 
  • "Recent" will display quests you've made recent progress on. 

Quest Details

If you click "See Details" on the right hand side of a quest it will bring up the quest detail menu.


In this menu you can see what a particular quest requires to complete it and how far along a quest chain you are. When you click "Go There" it'll take you to the respective menu necessary to start performing the requested action. 


You can also see it says "Rewards", this is what you will get when you complete this specific group of actions. Once you've completed your quest the reward will go to your Giftbox! Once the quest is done, it will advance to the next quest step. If you want to plan ahead you can click the purple arrow on the right hand side to see each step of the quest chain!


At the very top you'll see "Quests" which is the page you see above, but there are two more! Go to "Quest Packs" for more information about purchasing Quest Packs and go to "Awards" for more information about our Award system!


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