How do I adjust my screen/canvas size?

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with your screen size! Here are some troubleshooting tips to help get it back to normal:


To start, please confirm that your browser Zoom setting is set to 100% - this is very important. In Google Chrome, you can find this setting under the three bars in the upper right corner of your browser, under the X. If you are using a different browser and aren’t sure how to check your zoom settings, let us know and we can send instructions.


As well, thoroughly clear your preferred browser's web cache (cached internet files and cookies from the earliest date) once more, close down and re-open your browser, then load up Pot Farm.


If that doesn't help, we also recommend trying the following two options:


- You can select a smaller canvas, which can be done by scrolling below the game window and clicking on the different options under the heading "Canvas Size". Try all three and see if any of them work better for you.


- You can stretch your browser to make it wider. How this is done will depend on your browser, but usually you will need to ensure your browser is not full-screen and then edit it by moving your cursor to the bottom-right corner and dragging it to become wider. Please note that Pot Farm must be played with a maximized browser window in order to ensure it displays correctly.


If you don't notice a difference right away, please give it some time and keep checking back. When you check back in, please include a screenshot of your entire desktop and game screen, as well as your display settings so that we can take a look into the matter further.


Here is a link to a Youtube video that will show you how to change your screen size:

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