My farm won't load!

Loading can definitely be finicky, and often depends on a variety of things including the strength of your internet connection, the type of browser you're using, and actions you might've taken on your computer before playing the game!


I don't want to overload you with details, but please do try all the trouble shooting steps below:


1. First of all, the game can sometimes get confused when you're signing in and out of different Facebook accounts in the same browser. The first step we recommend if you're having loading troubles is to clear your cache and cookies (this is like giving your browser a "fresh start" and zapping its memory so it doesn't load improperly!) If you are stopped at 17 or 37%, this will almost certainly fix your problem.


2. If that doesn't resolve the issue, we recommend next trying a completely different browser. For best performance, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, though results can vary from person to person. Try both and see if that works!


3. Still Not Loading? :( Larger farms with many animated items can sometimes cause extreme lag or not load at all. You may want to toggle in-game animation to 'Off' (using this link: 


4. If that STILL doesn't correct the issue, there may even be an issue with your Flash player, which is the animation player you need to play Pot Farm. You can check to see if Flash needs an update by visiting visiting


5. If none of this helps, our next stop is your internet connection. A spotty or unstable connection can definitely affect Pot Farm's performance, even if other games are working fine. Make sure you are on a steady connection (not wifi), and that your internet speed is relatively fast and smooth. You can try resetting your modem or router - sometimes this has helped players in the past.


If, after ALL that, you still can't load your farm, then please send us a support ticket, or reply letting us know EXACTLY which point or percentage the load screen is freezing for you (this will help us determine the cause), and visit and include the information on that page in your email to us.


We thank you for your patience, and don't worry! We'll help you get to the bottom of any loading issues you're having!

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