What is Puff Puff?

Puff Puff points allow faster, easier planting and harvesting. 

To do this. click on the purple hand at the bottom left of the tool bar and it will give you options to 4x plant, harvest and fertilize! This will prevent all that annoying mouse clicking when you have a bunch of plants! 

Puff puff points are also required to fuel your hydroponics such as vans, shacks and also is needed to work certain contraptions.


To trade items for Puff Puff Passes, you will need to find the Puff Puff page from within the Store.


There are two ways to get into the Puff Puff page.

 1. Look at the top of your screen and find your Puff Puff icon. 

From here, click on the + sign. 

You will be sent to the Puff Puff page.


 2. Find the Store icon on the right hand side of the game.

Click on the store, and look for the Purple Puff Puff button along the top.


The Puff Puff page includes ways to trade Pot Bucks and items you've collected for Puff Puff Passes. You can also scroll over (using the left and right navigational arrows) to see a current list of items needed for Puff Puff Passes.


Remember that when you TRADE for PuffPuff, you get the PuffPuff pass IMMEDIATELY in your gift box. Then a timer starts ticking down. In 24 hours, you will again be able to trade. At the end of 24 hours, you don't receive anything - you already got the pass when you first traded! ;)

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