How does protection work?

Having trouble figuring out your Protection points? 

To keep from getting busted, you need to keep your Protection at a high positive number.  When your protection level dips into a negative number, Ranger Dick will swoop in and raid you! There are lots of ways to ensure this is always in the positive!
You can buy protection items by going into the Shopping Cart icon (shopping cart icon) and then click the 'Buildings' tab. The important thing to look for is the protection number in the info about each item. This will help you calculate what points each will add when placed on your farm!
You can also buy Ranger approved Seeds! Go to the store, then to the Seeds tab and click on the Ranger Approved tab.
*When you plant Ranger approved seeds, the plus protection will only count when the plants are ready to harvest and still on your farm. Once you harvest them, your protection will go down again.
There are different reasons for why your Protection rating will go up and down. For instance if you buy Seeds that are ranger bait, your protection will go down.
There are also items that will take away protection when placed on your farm. These are items other than Plants, ie. 'The Fat Bats. The easiest way to see what is using what, click on the red toolbox and then the "?" symbol and when you click this onto any item it will give you information on it including its protection value!
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