I bought an item with my credit card/phone, and didn't receive it!

We are happy to look into this matter further with you, but first we need the Transaction Number associated with the purchase. To find this information, please begin by visiting the link below:


Under the "Purchases" tab, you will be able to see if and when you were charged. If you see the charge in question, click on the amount you were charged - this will opens up detailed payment information. You should be able to locate the Transaction ID here. Copy and paste the transaction ID into an email to us, along with an explanation of what happened and when you made the purchase, and we'd be happy to look into it.


If there is NO transaction ID, this means Pot Farm did not receive the money. This is why you did not get the item. If you're SURE you were charged for it (ie, you have a credit card or bank statement that says you were charged even though there is no Transaction ID), then you should dispute this with Facebook. Facebook handles all financial transactions, and will be happy to figure out what happened.

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