Facebook Scams

When it comes to receiving links, offers, or requests for information related to Pot Farm, it's important to note that we will never ask you for any sensitive personal information or send you links to claim that are not formatted as "" links. It is true that making a purchase in Pot Farm with your credit card does require personal details, but Facebook collects those details over a secure server and does not share them with anybody.


In addition, all of our offers for free seeds or Potbucks occur directly in the game itself, where your information is secure. This means that if you have received a link from another player, or through a direct Facebook conversation, or an outside source claiming to offer incentives in Pot Farm, it is fake and should not be trusted.


Remember: do not give out any personal information to another player claiming to have these types of offers, or to any party contacting you directly through messaging or shared links. 

If you can figure out who this person is, you can block them in your Facebook settings.  You can also approach Facebook directly about this.

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