I accidentally sold/lost an item!

We'd be more than happy to help you recover the items you've lost / didn't receive properly. To help pinpoint where something might have gone wrong, we'll need you to send an email including as much detailed info as possible. Some of the info that'll help us most includes:

  • What is the item or plants that you lost or didn't receive properly? And in what quantity?
  • When did you lose it and or when do you feel you should have received it? Was it as the result of a quest? Claiming a share? 
  • Where did you lose the item from? Did it come out of storage or was it on your farm?
  • What were you doing at the time when you lost the item, or when the item didn't make its way to you?

 Sometimes an item may be in a different location than you last remember, so make sure to check your Storage and your Giftbox for the item! Or it may even be hiding on your farm! Make sure to check that it isn't hiding behind a plant or another asset, and if it's a hydro, that you didn't lock it and can't see it at first glance! 

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