Rally Quest How-To

Have questions about the rally quests? Here’s everything you need to know!


-The RED ARROW points to the list of quests. You don’t do the quests by yourself! Work together WITH your rally to harvest/plant/etc until you fill the bar and achieve a star! As long as your team achieves a star, AND you contributed at least one action to it personally, you’ll get the prize shown on the left! (You can still contribute to the star even after your rally has finished it)


-The BLUE ARROW points to the GRAND prizes. If your team achieves the stars listed, you will get that prize. All of the grand prizes are delivered AFTER the rally has ended, so you have 5 days to work toward these goals! Whatever number of stars you get, you will receive ALL the prizes leading UP TO the stars you achieved! (So if you get all the stars, you get everything listed!)


In order to get the grand prize(s), players MUST contribute something toward the rally’s total points.


-The GREEN CIRCLE is a rally chest! You can click on these chests and buy yourself items that will really help toward the quests. The best part is, you get a large amount, and every single member of your rally gets a little bit too!


-When you get a gift from another member of your rally, it goes DIRECTLY TO YOUR GIFT BOX when they purchase it. It is ALREADY in your gift box before you are notified. You can see what you already received by opening the chests, which will appear on the left side of your farm.

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