What is a rally group? How do I make one/join one?

What is a RALLY GROUP?:  


It is an IN GAME GROUP that you yourself can create or you can join an already existing group. You can share seeds with just the people in your rally group if you like. Occasionally we hold RALLY EVENTS and RALLY QUESTS. During events, you join together with your team to compete against other teams to achieve a high score and earn prizes! During rally quests, you work together cooperatively WITH your team to achieve specific goals and earn multiple prizes.


To create a new RALLY GROUP or join an existing one: 


-click the MEGAPHONE on the left hand side of your GAME SCREEN to access the RALLIES page.


-If you are the Creator of a Rally Group, click INVITE and choose the Friends you wish to invite.  **All INVITES to RALLY GROUPS will show up in GIFTS (the ENVELOPE icon down the right hand side of your GAME SCREEN.) under the NEW RALLIES tab.**


RALLIES are limited to 50 Players per group.


**You will NOT be notified if if your Request or Invite is rejected.**


-You can only belong to ONE Rally Group at a time.  **You can leave one Rally Group and join another one, but can not be part of two groups at once. But remember you have to wait 24 hours before joining another rally!**


Once you are a member of a RALLY GROUP, you will see and be able to access the following options:


-Clicking the MY RALLY tab lets you know what GROUP you currently belong to.


-Clicking the GLOBAL tab lets you see the TOP 10 RALLIES.  (This tells you how many Members are in this particular Group and how many Shares they currently have.)


-Clicking the SEARCH tab lets you search for a GROUP, but you must know the name.  If you want another Player to join your Group, tell them the name prior, have them search it and then request to join.


-Click the EVENTS tab and you will see a message pop up that says, 'RALLY EVENTS COMING SOON!'


Underneath these 4 Tabs, you will see an info box with the name of your Rally Group, whether it is Open or Closed and then it will say Rank Coming Soon.  


Along the bottom of your Rally Group Page, you will see the following 3 Tabs: GROUP PAGE, LEAVE RALLY & DISBAND RALLY:


1.GROUP PAGE: click this to visit your GROUP.


2.LEAVE RALLY: click this and it will ask you if you are sure you want to leave your current rally or not.  (If you click the green check mark, you will leave this Rally Group.  If you hit the red x, you will not leave this Rally Group.)


3.DISBAND RALLY: you can only click this if you are the Creator of the Group.  If you do DISBAND your RALLY GROUP, the entire Facebook Group will now be deleted.


You can have an OPEN Group or a CLOSED Group. Open groups allow anyone to join at any time. Closed groups require an invitation.


The boxing gloves tab shows you information during competitions against other rallies! The shaking hands tab shows you all of your RALLY QUEST information during rally quests!

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