How does storage work?

How STORAGE works:


Storage is all shared. Every storage building you have out on your Farm adds its capacity to your total storage. If you click on any storage building on your farm you can access all your storage!



- Storage only adds to your capacity if it's out on your farm.

- Everything you put in storage takes 1 storage space.

- You cannot put more buildings in storage if you're at full capacity. (every space is filled) 


If you try to store a storage building:
But removing that building would drop your capacity below the number of items that you have stored, it won't let you. 
You will first have to take more items out of your storage until you have the space. 

Or you will have to upgrade your storage.
Or add a new storage building to your farm to increase your capacity first.
For example: 

  • I have 2 storage sheds which have 8 capacity each on my farm. 
  • This means I have 16 storage capacity total.
  • If I store 9 oil presses I will have filled 9/16 spaces.
  • If I try to sell or store 1 of the sheds it will drop my capacity to 8 (each shed has 8 capacity).
  • But I have 9 oil presses stored, and it would be 9/8, which is too full.
  • Instead if I sell 2 oil presses first, I will be at 7/16.
  • I can now store my other shed which will be 8/8 capacity.

**You can Upgrade some Storage Units - if you can, you will see the Upgrade arrow, in the bottom left corner.**
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