Repeaters, Contraptions, Hydros and Storage

Alright, so you have a Gift Box full of rad items to put out on your farm. You’re stoked, but seriously, what the !@#$ do they do? There are four basic structures that can go on your farm: Repeaters, Contraptions, Hydros, and Storage!


First off, let's inspect Repeaters!


Repeaters are great for pumping out certain items ALL the time! To put things simply, they repeatedly put out an item! Have a quest coming up and you’re going to need a lot of Guano? Put out a Sasquatch Poop repeater to pump out some extra Guano! Be smart about which Repeaters you use to CRUSH those hard Quests!


Secondly, let’s check out Contraptions!


Contraptions are a lot like Repeaters, but in their case, you need to feed them certain items! Add the required items to create all new items! Do you really need some Black Hash for a current Quest? Take out a Black Hash Press Contraption and load it up with Red Hash, Black Widow, and White Widow, and BOOM! You’ve made some Black Hash! There are tons of contraptions out there to play with, and they’re amazingly helpful for completing Quests!


Next, let’s take a gander at Hydros!


Hydros are essential if you’re looking to plant a TON of bud (and aren’t we all?). Think of them as extra land to plant on! You can fill these buildings up with a bunch of plants and let them grow inside, freeing up your land for even more production! To use a hydro, just select a plant from your Giftbox or the store. Then click on the Hydro on your Farm! Just remember, Hydros cost Puff Puff to use, but they’re well worth it!


Lastly, let’s check out your Storage.


Your Storage is a giant vault that you can, well, store things in! Storage items can be placed on your farm, and from there, you can place items inside of them. Just drag and drop items from your farm onto a Storage structure to place them in there!


An important thing to note is all of your Storage is connected and can be accessed from any Storage structure on your farm! Adding another Storage Building adds to your OVERALL Storage capacity.


PRO TIP: Always store items before selling them! You never know when they’ll be needed again!

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