How do I play? I need help getting started!

Playing the game for the first time and not sure what to do? Here's some help to get you started!

When you start the game it will bring you to your farm and the main game window, from here you can access the games various menus and work on your farm. Whether it is planting seeds, collecting items, or harvesting plants.

To really get started, you've got to start completing quests! Click on the waving man (this is Uncle Floyd) in the top left hand corner of your farm and he will give you some tasks to do to help you get the hang of it! Check out our "Quests" article in our "Getting Started" section for more in depth details on quests!

When you complete quests you get rewards and then more quests will become available! Planting, harvesting and selling plants and items will give XP points to level up! Levelling up will give you more quests, more stuff to buy in store, and much more!

Check out the other articles in our "Getting Started" section to learn about your gift box, stash, the store, and how to use your storage!

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